Walking Audits and Neighborhood Meetings

The walking audits and bus tours provided opportunities for the community and business owners to assess the OBT physical environment and its surrounding areas with the project team. During each walking audit and bus tour, the project team listened to feedback from the community participants, business owners, and local law enforcement. This process provided valuable information from first-hand experiences that has aided the project team in identifying issues and opportunities of the corridor related to access, connectivity, safety, land use, and economic development.

Over the span of two weeks, the OBTNext team hosted walking audits and neighborhood meetings in each of the five project areas. Areas 4 and 5 featured bus tours in place of walking audits.

Immediately following each walking audit or bus tour, the project team lead participants in a neighborhood meeting. Each meeting featured a presentation specific to the project area that included a project area review, details about how a master plan update can help improve the area, information about the public engagement process, and area observations from the project team. These meetings allowed participants to debrief from the time spent “in the field,” and discuss programmatic opportunities and common themes. The project team also provided large maps of each respective project area on which community members could mark areas of strength, weakness, and opportunity and provide additional comments.

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