Welcome to the Orange Blossom Trail Development Board

In partnership with local government and Florida DOT, the Orange Blossom Trail Development Board has planned, implemented and managed such projects as South Orange Blossom Trail roadway and right-of-way improvements; entryway features and signage; installation of a sewer system, drainage, sidewalks, street paving and street lights in
Holden Heights; changed legislation and zoning to limit adult entertainment establishments; toughened zoning violations; and facilitated community safety and renovation initiatives. The Board currently focuses on the infrastructure for the North end of Orange Blossom Trail, from I-4 to Highway 50 (Colonial Drive).

The History of the Orange Blossom Trail Development Board


OBT Board Created

Orange County and the City of Orlando establish The OBT Trail Development Board, Inc. to facilitate improvements of the Orange Blossom Trail from Colonial Drive to the Beachline Expressway.  

South of I-4 MSTU

Two Municipal Services Taxing Units were created to plan, design, and construct enhancements on the corridor between I-4 and the Beeline Expressway.

Billboard Overlay District

Requested an official Overlay District to restrict additional billboards on OBT and worked with local companies to reduce billboards by 25% and improve the remaining boards.

North of I-4 CRA

Created the first multi-jurisdictional Community Redevelopment Area in Florida, generating tax increment funding for improving OBT from Colonial to I-4.

OBT Safe Neighborhood

OBTDB requests Orange County create Florida’s flagship Safe Neighborhood Program to help combat crime in the area.

Trail Business Association

Organized a group of approximately 100 business owners who met and enjoyed corporate events throughout the construction of the S. OBT. Unfortunately, after construction was complete interest dwindled.

Kaley Square Park

Built community park in Holden Heights featuring green space and recreational equipment

Crime Prevention Fund

Legislation OBTDB drafted became state law allowing Counties to collect a fine of $50 per felony per $20 misdemeanor convictions. These funds would then be used to rid the area of blight and criminal activity through the Safe Neighborhood Program.

Youth Development Program

Spearheaded a partnership with 29 organizations to give inner city youth positive, healthy after-school activities. Awarded $50,000 Juvenile Justice Grant to provide tennis, soccer, golf, and other sports programs at no cost to area youth.

S. OBT Roadway Enhancement

Completion of Phase 1 and 2 of the $78 million project. It included the undergrounding of utilities, new streetlights, traffic signals, sidewalks, trash cans and other ornamental improvements. OBTDB currently maintains these improvements.

Holden Heights Little League

Partnered with the Holden Heights Neighborhood Association to obtain funding to bring Little League Baseball to Holden Heights for the first time.

$300,000 Toolkit Grant

Awarded the grant from the State of Florida for an economic development grant to demolish crack houses, dilapidated structures, and clean vacant lots. Resulted in 30 demolitions in 6 months and the collection of 331 tons of garbage.

CRA Infrastructure Improvements

Successfully lobbied for infrastructure upgrades including sanitary sewers, storm drainage, and sidewalks.

Helping Hands Program

In partnership with the faith-based community and volunteers, provided home improvements to over 110 residents in Holden Heights and Parramore.

OBT N. Improvements

The OBT North Study results in a $2.5 million grant from the Florida Department of Transportation to make infrastructure improvements from Central Avenue to Gore Street. Improvements include new sidewalks, streetlights, traffic signals, curbs and gutters, and aesthetic upgrades in the median at OBT & South Street.

Holden Heights Community Center

Allocated $600,000 of CRA funding for the acquisition, design and planning of a new community center. The center houses social services programs, vocational training, a computer lab, training room, and meeting space.


A 21st Century approach to creating an economically viable, sustainable, and safe community for the residents, businesses, and visitors of the Orange Blossom Trail communities. OBTDB received a $500,000 Florida Economic Development Grant with the assistance of Florida State Senator Geraldine Thompson and Florida State Representative Bruce Antone.

Pineloch Elementary Food Drive

Partnered with Pineloch Elementary School and private donors to provide food to elementary school students and their families during the winter break.

Summer Camp Sponsorships

Sponsored 50 youth in the Safe Neighborhood to attend Elite Preparatory Academy Summer Camp at a cost of $45,750


Recipient of the Florida Planning and Zoning Association for Outstanding Plan/Study & The Award of Merit by APAFL

Holden Heights Block Party

Community outreach event providing helpful resources and activities in a fun environment. Partnering with local organizations, the event included free health screenings, educational resources, clothing drive, games, food, and prizes.

Prime Time Reading Program

Partnered with GAI Consultants and the Orange County Library System, S. Trail Branch to a family reading program which encourages literacy, family activities, education, and community connections. 

Holden Heights Prayer Walk

Served as the facilitator for faith-based community partners and volunteers to engage in corporate prayer for the community.

OBT Safety Task Force

Internal monthly meeting of OBTDB with law enforcement and code enforcement to address community issues 

OBT Housing Task Force

Internal meeting of OBTDB with County, City and various professionals to address housing needs

Art in Architecture

Partnering with Orlando Regional Realtors Foundation to develop new housing and renovate existing homes in Holden Heights

Community Resiliency Forum

In partnership with the Peace and Justice Institute and Kaley Square we hosted a community forum on Adverse Childhood Experiences and screening of Resilience: The Biology of Stress and Hope

Join Us

On the journey to reimagine the future of the Orange Blossom Trail.

Implementation of OBTNext provides the blueprint to reposition and restore this corridor as an economically vibrant and socially relevant zone that will recapture vitality and promise for its neighborhoods and businesses.

Plan Implementation Progress.

Six distinctive branded districts will be created to help reposition the trail regionally. This will attract sustainable growth, economic development, academic institutions, food and entertainment business, and bring traditional and non-traditional jobs and industry to the corridor.
The graph represents approximate completion.
Sports & Entertainment District0%
Design/ Construction & Education Hub0%
Authentic Food District0%
Auto & Services Hub0%
Education + Jobs District0%
Retail + Hospitality Hub0%

OBT Development Board Community Grant

Community Based Projects and Programs

Grant Project Overview:

The OBT Development Board provides funding for community-based projects and programs in the Holden Heights Community and Orange Blossom Trail Development Project area (see boundary map for details).

Apply Now!

  1. Provide funding to local organizations working with youth, families, business, and other community-based services.
  2. Connect and create relationships with organizations for continued support to the Holden Heights Community and Orange Blossom Trail Development Project area.
  3. Create and manage community event(s) related to program requirements.
  4. Maintain community relationships for long term action and development.
Application Requirements:
  1. Identify community organization is in the Safe Neighborhood Boundary (see map for details).
  2. Cover Letter
    1. Name of Organization
    2. Address
    3. Description of community-based program related to families, youth, elderly, housing needs, homeless, cultural activity, or another related program.
  3. Provide the OBT Development Board with a strategic outlook.
    1. Staff
    2. Action Plan
    3. Objectives
    4. Evaluations
    5. Data
    6. Timeframe

Establishing Destinations To Attract Development, Business, Jobs & Training.

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