OBTNext and Big Moves & Actions
Big Moves & Actions

Develop Destinations to Attract Development, Business, Jobs & Training

Six distinctive branded districts will be created to help reposition the trail regionally. This will attract sustainable growth, economic development, academic institutions, food and entertainment business, and bring traditional and non-traditional jobs and industry to the corridor.
OBTNext and Big Moves & Actions
OBTNext and Big Moves & Actions

Encourage A Vibrant and Diverse Corridor

By supporting sustainable growth, adequate infrastructure, mixed use development, connectivity and open space, the trail will be repositioned as a more attractive, safe, livable, and accessible place for people to invest and work.

Make Safe and Livable Streets for All Modes of Transportation

With adequate bicycle facilities and streetscape elements, the streets in the corridor will be safe and connected, creating a rich environment for business, as well as safe pedestrian activities.
OBTNext and Big Moves & Actions
OBTNext and Big Moves & Actions

Improve Access to Open Space and Recreational Activities

Investment in the community will establish parks, lakes, recreational facilities, and open spaces as primary elements of civic identity and will enhance the experience in The Trail and surrounding neighborhoods.

Build Strong Neighborhoods

Neighborhoods will be safe, vibrant, healthy, and diverse—giving access to housing, parks, culture, and education.
OBTNext and Big Moves & Actions
OBTNext and Big Moves & Actions

Create Flexible and Affordable Housing Opportunities

Existing and new residents will have access to diverse housing opportunities, home literacy and programs that will allow them to become future homeowners.

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Establishing Destinations To Attract Development, Business, Jobs & Training.

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