OBTNext and Big Moves & Actions

Create Six Distinct Districts & Hubs

Six distinctive branded districts will be created to help reposition the trail regionally. This will attract sustainable growth, economic
development, academic institutions, food and entertainment business, and bring traditional and non-traditional jobs and industry to the
corridor. Each district will have a different redevelopment approach, based on the understanding of the existing jobs and key players, which
informed the vision and character of each one of the future districts. Each district should be encouraged to grow as a connected series
of commercial stores, mixed used development with stores and office on the ground floor, and more intense and focused nodes at key
Each district should incorporate the assets of the area, such as key buildings, institutions, parks, and lake system as well as
the relationship to the adjacent and abutting residential areas. The intent is not to create 8 miles of the same character, but to focus time,
effort, and investment toward building a unique corridor and the opportunites that exist both in the public realm (the streets and parks) and the
private realm (lots and buildings).

Sports & Entertainment District

West Downtown
This portion of the corridor is situated and connected to become a hub for sports and entertainment uses and be supported by quality food and beverage businesses.
Key Partners:
  • LIFT Orlando
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Local Business
  • Entrepreneurs
OBTNext Sports Entertainment
OBTNext Design Construction

Design/Construction & Education Hub

Holden Heights
This hub, with 26% of the existing jobs related to construction, possesses a wider variety of building types from residential to commercial and industrial. It can become a place to attract higher education institutions and businesses related to Design and Construction.
Key Partners:
  • Design and
    Construction Business
  • University of Florida
    College Design,
    Construction and
  •  Non-Profit

Authentic Food District

With a wide variety of restaurants from different parts of the world and being surrounded by neighborhoods, this is the perfect portion of the corridor to create a district for authentic food supported by other office and service uses.
Key Partners:
  • Local Restaurants
  • Darden Restaurants
  • PepsiCo
OBTNext Food District
OBTNext Auto Service

Auto & Services Hub

The overall corridor is full of auto-related uses, but the Americana Boulevard area has large parcels that can support a hub for all auto-related businesses especially used-car sales.
Key Partners:
  • Auto Business
  • David Maus

Education + Jobs District

Lake Ellenor
This portion of the corridor has a high concentration of educational institution around Lake Ellenor and it is the home of a regional industrial and office complex, attracting 23,000 employees to the area, making this place a great District for Educations and Jobs.
Key Partners:
  • University of Central
  • Orange County
    Public Schools
  • Tech Collages
  • Private Schools
OBTNext Jobs
OBTNext Florida Mall

Retail + Hospitality Hub

Florida Mall
The Florida Mall and Hotel are a regional destination for local residents as well as tourists bringing a high volume of people to this area. This hub should keep supporting retail and hospitality uses as it grows and becomes a key east west connector between the airport and the International Drive area.
Key Partners:
  • Florida Mall
  • Florida Hotel
  • Existing Hotels

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Establishing Destinations To Attract Development, Business, Jobs & Training.

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