Assets & Positive Things

Regional Destinations

Some key destinations located in the corridor are:


  • Camping World Stadium
  • Parliament House
  • Cowboys
  • Florida Mall
  • Florida Hotel
  • Woodlands Restaurant
  • Rossi Italian Restaurant
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Vacant Land

The industrial complex attracts 23,000 jobs to the area.

The complex is home of distribution centers such as:


  • Shrewin-Williams Distribution Center
  • Publix Distribution Center
  • CVS Caremark Distribution Center


The complex is also home to several educational facilities

Vacant Land

Vacant land offers opportunities for infill redevelopment.
Key vacant parcels are owned by the City, County, and CRA.
Price of land is still affordable compared to other areas.
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Access and Connectivity

Street grid system in the northern segment of the corridor
Accessibility to the area via the highway system
Proximity to Downtown Orlando and South Downtown
Proximity to regional destinations such as:


  • Millenia Mall
  • Convention Center
  • International Drive
Proximity to Sunrail Stations

Education and Police Station

Newly relocated Orlando Police Headquarters
Proximity to new Parramore PS8 School
Grand Avenue School Site and Park
Jones High School and Sports Complex
Cluster of private and tech schools around Lake Ellenor
Head Start in Callahan Center
Orange County South Branch Library
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Centers & Organizations

Kaley Square LLC
John H. Jackson Center
New Holden Heights Community Center
Carter Street and Holden Heights Association
Polis Institute
LIFT Orlando
West Lake Partnership
Holden Heights Community Development Corporation
Involvement of UF and UCF in the neighborhoods
Pathway to Parramore influence in the area
Parramore Kidz Zone


The corridor has a great system of lakes, including:


  • Rock Lake
  • Lake Lorna Doone
  • Clear Lake
  • Lake June
  • Lake Holden
  • Lake Tyler
  • Lake Ellenor
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Character Buildings

Some of the key character buildings are:


  • Goff’s Sundaes and Shakes
  • Parliament House
  • First Class Cleaners
  • Sands Motel

Learn More. Read Our Master Plan.


Establishing Destinations To Attract Development, Business, Jobs & Training.

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