OBTNext Education and Police Station

Education and Police Station

Demographic data was compiled from a variety of sources, including Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI), the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the U.S. Census Bureau. Projections and current year data are based on the American Community Survey Census five-year estimates. The population growth, race, education, and income data from the Study Area (Corridor) was compared to Orange County data. The graph below depicts the statistical data and findings.

Neighborhoods will be safe, vibrant, healthy, and diverse— giving access to housing, parks, culture, and education.

The OBT corridor—The Trail—will encourage transformative and bold changes to improve the perception of the corridor as safe, economically vibrant, diverse, and collectively managed and governed. This will reposition “The Trail” in the Central Florida region as a place of distinctive districts and destinations bringing an influx of new residents, jobs, business, tourism, education, and entertainment. It will emphasize the creation of affordable housing and preserve the good tradition, culture, and history of its neighborhoods. It will empower the people living and working along The Trail to envision a livable place and create a sense of pride.

The presence of the police in the corridor has increased with the new OPD headquarters located on the corner of OBT and South Street. The call responses are faster and more efficient, and the residents and business owners have noticed an increase of police presence in the area. Regularly organized community and public engagement events help raise the trust of the police in the community, but there remain challenges. One challenge is that it is often too late to catch the criminals when police arrive on the scene. Additionally, the neighborhood residents are afraid to file formal complaints due to the fear of retaliation from their neighbors.

Law Enforcement and Code Enforcement officers continually work together on common problems in the corridor, but there are still challenges, since the two jurisdictions often have conflicting procedures and objectives. A few years ago, the OBTDB hosted regular meetings with representatives from the City and County Code Enforcement Departments, Orlando Police and the County Sheriff’s Office. The purpose of the meetings was to address the issues and challenges of the corridor regarding crime prevention, code violations, and the general well-being of the corridor.

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