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Industrial Complex

The corridor has 4 main regional destinations: the Camping World Stadium, The Florida Mall and Hotel, and the Industrial and Office complex with 23,000 jobs. It also has other smaller destinations such as bars, restaurants, clubs, and technical schools. These destinations are places where people from outside the corridor come and spend time and money. But the corridor also has approximately 20 hotels and businesses that are not well managed, and as a consequence illicit activities occur at these locations, attracting drugs, prostitution, and crime to the area.

The industrial complex attracts 23,000 jobs to the area
The complex is home of distribution centers such as:

  • Shrewin-Williams Distribution Center
  • Publix Distribution Center
  • CVS
  • Caremark Distribution Center

The complex is also home to a number of educational facilities

Holden Heights: This hub, with 26% of the existing jobs related to construction, possesses a wider variety of building types from residential to commercial and industrial. It can become a placeto attract higher education institutions and businesses related to Design and Construction.


Lake Ellenor: This portion of the corridor has a high concentration of educational institution around Lake Ellenor and it is the home of a regional industrial and office complex, attracting 23,000 employees to the area, making this place a great District for Educations and Jobs.

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